Episode 25: Multi-signature Wallets

Multi-signature wallets are used to execute blockchain transactions that require more than one signatures.

Episode 24: ICO

To fund blockchain startups, the founders do ICOs to sell tokens to potential users as a future right to use the application.

Episode 23: Tokens

Tokens are digital assets representing a user’s right to use a system or to participate in a process based on blockchain.

Episode 22: Proof of Stake

Proof of Stake is a blockchain consensus algorithm where the nodes put economic value on stake to participate in block production.

Episode 21: Proof of Work

Proof of work is basically about producing some data that can be verified easily, but it is hard to produce.

Episode 20: Double Spends

Double spend is a scenario when digital currency could be spent more than once because of blockchain network forks.

Episode 19: Transaction Fee

In a blockchain, the transaction fee is the fee paid to blockchain nodes to include the transaction in a block.

Episode 18: Block Rewards

Block rewards are a way to incentivize the nodes for creating new blocks and contributing to the security of the blockchain.

Episode 17: Blockchain Economics: Part 1 — Basics

Blockchain economics — what, why, and how. Block rewards, incentives, transaction fees, cryptocurrency supply, and demand.

Episode 16: Blockchain is NOT (just) Bitcoin

Just like a car is just an application of a four-wheeled vehicle, Bitcoin is an application of blockchain.

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